Pipe Creek


Unique + Woodsy

Green luscious figs, light florals and a gorgeous base of cedarwood and amber notes makes Pipe Creek a unique and intriguing fragrance.  Pipe Creek is part of our Luxe Collection.


Pipe Creek is the starting/ending point on a partial Colorado River rafting trip through the Grand Canyon.  Pipe Creek meets the Colorado River near River Mile 89.  An exciting adventure awaits for those who hiked down the Bright Angel trip to meet their rafts, or the beginning of a strenuous uphill hike to the Rim after saying goodbye to their new River friends.

Note profile:
Top: Fig leaf, Galbanum.  Heart: Coconut, Fig.  Base: Cedarwood, Amber.


Petite Travel Tin, Amber Glass, Copper Tin, Silver Glass, Pineapple Glass, Lotus Glass, Wave Glass, Fragrance Beads, Large Geometric Glass, Glass Dome, Petite Room Diffuser, Large Room Diffuser

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