Happy Isle


Delicious + Fun

Enjoy the delicious aroma of a cafe mocha guilt free! Happy Isle is inspired by a campground in Yosemite.  Happy are the campers that are lucky enough to have a mug of hot mocha in hand while camping in majestic scenery!


Transport yourself to your favorite café and enjoy a delicious mocha! Rich hot chocolate cocoa combined with aromatic coffee makes this candle the next best thing when you don’t have the real thing nearby.

Note profile:
Top: Milk Chocolate, Coffee.  Heart: Steam Milk. Base: Vanilla,Cream.



Petite Travel Tin, Amber Glass, Copper Tin, Silver Glass, Pineapple Glass, Lotus Glass, Wave Glass, Fragrance Beads, Large Geometric Glass, Glass Dome, Petite Room Diffuser, Large Room Diffuser

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