Fern Glen


Spirited + Earthy

Fresh, green and sappy.  Fern Glen will bring you back to your favorite hike in the woods.  Lavender, bergamot, camphor, patchouli and tree sap notes will bring the outdoors in whenever your hearts desire.    Fern Glen is part of our Luxe Collection.


An idyllic and serene canyon near River Mile 168.5, it is a slot canyon about 0.5 mile from River to a travertine fall. This is the calm before the storm – Lava Falls Rapid is just about 10 miles down river. This fragrance will appeal to both men and women.

Note profile:
Top: Lavender, Bergamot.  Heart: Camphor, Mixed Spice.  Base: Patchouli, Tree Sap, Sandalwood.


Petite Travel Tin, Amber Glass, Copper Tin, Silver Glass, Pineapple Glass, Lotus Glass, Wave Glass, Fragrance Beads, Large Geometric Glass, Glass Dome, Petite Room Diffuser, Large Room Diffuser

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