Deer Creek


Gorgeous + Alluring

Distinct lavender is beautifully balanced with sweet ylang ylang and grassy vetiver.  Deer Creek is a beautiful and complex fragrance and will sure please the most discerning tastes.  Deer Creek is part of our Luxe Collection.


Near Mile 136, Deer Creek Falls is  one of the spectacular waterfall easily accessible by boat, offering river runners a welcome respite from the heat of the canyon.  Deer Creek Narrow is a stunning slot canyon connecting the waterfall and the “Patio”.

Note profile:
Top: Lavender.  Heart: Ylang Ylang, Cedarwood.  Base: Vetiver.



Petite Travel Tin, Amber Glass, Copper Tin, Silver Glass, Pineapple Glass, Lotus Glass, Wave Glass, Fragrance Beads, Large Geometric Glass, Glass Dome, Petite Room Diffuser, Large Room Diffuser

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