Petite Room Diffuser

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  • Half Moon

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    Warm + Comforting

    This fragrance captures the inviting aromas of a steaming cup of chai perfectly.  Notes of cinnamon, cardamom, cream, black tea, clove and vanilla will make you fell like you are in your favorite bakery or cafe.

  • Monarch Beach

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    Fun + Sweet

    Summer is here! Monarch Beach embodies the carefree summer picnic of your childhood.  Notes of arugula, watermelon, sugar and cloves will give you the perfect summer vibes.

  • Obispo

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    Distinctive + Warm

    This unique candle is a blend of the feminine and masculine.  Chocolate notes are combined with tobacco leaves to make this fragrance one of a kind.

  • Santa Rosa

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    Captivating + Soothing

    Santa Rosa is like an enchanting meadow with sprigs of lavender.  Bergamot, lemon, lavender, lavender blossom and cedarwood notes makes this our most popular fragrance.


  • Sierra

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    Light + Airy

    This fragrance combines fresh citrus, exotic mangosteen with a hint of peach.

  • Zzyzx

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    Sophisticated + Sensual

    A fragrance with universal appeal.  This complex fragrance has notes of sage, orange, lavender, oakmoss and will wow you from the moment you meet.

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