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  • Clean + Fresh 3-Tin Set

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    Clean + Fresh

    Invigorate your soul and clear your mind.  Agave, aloe, peppermint, grapefruit, lavender and bergamot are some of the scent notes in this set of travel friendly tins.  Set includes Carmel, Clear Creek (part of the Luxe Collection) and Fern Glen (part of the Luxe Collection).


  • Floral Bouquet 3-Tin Set

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    Enchanting + Relaxing

    Bring the garden inside, travel to an enchanted island and relax your soul.  You will love this travel tin collection of our most popular fragrances – Catalina, Crystal Cove and Santa Rosa.  Jasmine, lavender and lily of the valley notes are balanced with bergamot, patchouli, citrus and cedarwood. All 3 are perfect year round.


  • Juicy Fruits 3-Tin Set

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    Juicy + Energizing

    Start off your day right with a juicy bowl of freshly picked fruits from the orchard.  Sparkling grapefruit, exotic mangosteen, green apple and acai berry are some of the delicious notes from this mini collection.  Set includes Pacifica, Sierra and Tapeats Creek (part of the Luxe Collection).


  • Tropical Getaway 3-Tin Set

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    Tropical + Refreshing

    Bring the beach and tropical paradise home without packing your suitcase.  These 3 travel tins will transport you to your favorite tropical getaway.  Set include Cardiff, Del Mar, and Monarch Beach.  Refreshing pineapple, mint and watermelon are complemented with sea salt, rum, and arugula.


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