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  • Santa Rosa

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    Captivating + Soothing

    Santa Rosa is like an enchanting meadow with sprigs of lavender.  Bergamot, lemon, lavender, lavender blossom and cedarwood notes makes this our most popular fragrance.


  • Sierra

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    Light + Airy

    This fragrance combines fresh citrus, exotic mangosteen with a hint of peach.

  • Silver Grotto

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    Lively + Sweet

    Tasty Bourbon and sweet honey notes will put you in a happy mood.  A touch of orange marmalade and tobacco makes this unique fragrance popular with everyone.  Silver Grotto is part of our Luxe Collection.

  • Tapeats Creek

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    Tropical + Sweet

    Tapeats Creek is a tropical blend medley.  Juicy green apple, fresh acai berries, coconut milk and sugar makes this fragrance fun and fresh.  Tapeats Creek is part of our Luxe Collection.



  • Tropical Getaway 3-Tin Set

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    Tropical + Refreshing

    Bring the beach and tropical paradise home without packing your suitcase.  These 3 travel tins will transport you to your favorite tropical getaway.  Set include Cardiff, Del Mar, and Monarch Beach.  Refreshing pineapple, mint and watermelon are complemented with sea salt, rum, and arugula.


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