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  • Half Moon

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    Warm + Comforting

    This fragrance captures the inviting aromas of a steaming cup of chai perfectly.  Notes of cinnamon, cardamom, cream, black tea, clove and vanilla will make you fell like you are in your favorite bakery or cafe.

  • Happy Isle

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    Delicious + Fun

    Enjoy the delicious aroma of a cafe mocha guilt free! Happy Isle is inspired by a campground in Yosemite.  Happy are the campers that are lucky enough to have a mug of hot mocha in hand while camping in majestic scenery!

  • Mill Valley

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    Cozy + Delightful

    Transport yourself to your favorite cafe.  Have fresh brewed coffee aroma on demand.

  • Palo Alto

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    Delicious + Cozy

    Treat yourself to the warm indulgence of freshly brewed hazelnut coffee.  Fill your space with the aroma of hazelnut, coffee, chocolate, vanilla and cream.

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