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 Tapeats Creek

Named after the colorful tapeats sandstone in the Grand Canyon, this named creek flows from the North Rim to the Colorado river, near River mile 134. Tapeats Creek candle is created with a luxurious coconut apricot crème blend wax, fine and sophisticated fragrance and a whisper wood wick.

Note Profile:
Top: Green Apple, Fresh Cassis, Grapefruit
Heart:  Acai Berry, Coconut Water, Jasmine
Base: Coconut Milk, Sugar Crystal, Musk

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Tapeats Creek

Travel Tin


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Tapeats Creek

Large Geometric


Tapeats Creek

Iridescent Wave


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Tapeats Creek

Iridescent Pineapple


Tapeats Creek

Large Room Fragrance


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Fresh & Fruity

3-Tin Travel Set


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Tapeats Creek

Fragrance Beads