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 Clear Creek

Near River Mile 84, Clear Creek is a favorite among River runners and hikers.  A short hike to a waterfall from the Colorado River up a side canyon, Clear Creek welcomes hikers a chance of a relatively "warm shower".   It energizes and invigorates.  This bright and fresh scent will make you feel refreshed and alive.  Clear Creek candle is created with a luxurious coconut soy blend wax, fine and sophisticated fragrance and a crackling wood wick.


Note Profile:
Top: Grapefruit, Peppermint, Orange
Heart: Neroli
Base: Sandalwood


Clear Creek

Travel Tin


Clear Creek

Large Room Fragrance


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Clear Creek

Iridescent Wave


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Clean & Fresh

3-Tin Travel Set


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Clear Creek

Silver Glass


Clear Creek

Large Pink Geometric


Clear Creek

Fragrance Beads