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  Standing at the crossroads of science and art...


A.L. Candleworks started out as a small seasonal project for family & friends, but turned into something more enduring.  Anny was a successful chemist before she decided to pursue her passion for the arts.  She discovered the candle creation process allows her to combine her scientific and artistic skills.  


The Periodic Table was the source of our inspiration.  As we continue to grow we will fill out our own custom Periodic Table with your favorite fragrances.  We hope you will enjoy going on this journey with us.  Click on the "element" names and see which ones are currently active!  


The Lux Collection is inspired by the amazing places in the Grand Canyon and Colorado River.  All of the candles in this collection are created with luxurious coconut apricot creme or coconut soy blend wax and ultra premium fragrances.  Wave and Large Geometric Glass candles feature a wood wick. 



For more information on the wood wick, please visit: